Answers To The Common Questions People Ask About The PUBG MOBILE 1.5

Is PUBG MOBILE 1.5 available for PC? – Yes, it is. This is not the final version of PUBG, but it’s the base of the current game, and if you want to get top player ratings in the game, you got to start with the ground. If you’re going to be a top player, you got to master the content available first. Here is how to do it.

Is PUBG MOBILE 1.5.0 available for PC? – Yes, it is. Just downloaded the latest update available for the players; get a direct APK download link & step-by-step installation guide. For the 1.5.0 update, PUBG Mobile is now introducing some exciting new features to its popular game.

The newest addition is the “Season 20” update. The update is available only for the mobile versions. It brings exciting new features like the ability to view player stats on the mobile map, “royale league,” particular challenges available only in mobile, & much more. It also introduces a brand new game mode – Vs. Battle Arena. The method allows you to put your skills against some of the top PUBG players from across the globe in the “royale league.” This is available in the “gear icons” section on the mobile home screen. If you want to help players unlock the content in PUBG mobile 1.5.0, you can do so through the “mobile gear” app.

What’s new in mobile 1.5? – The latest PUBG mobile 1.5 has several exciting additions, such as the “pre-registration” process. Players who avail of pre-registration will be given a unique code redeemable for tickets during the tournament. If you have not registered any player during the actual game, you can still claim your code by requesting it via email. Moreover, there’s another neat new feature – the “automatic jump” system.

Why is the “automatic jump” function available? – The “automatic jump” system is available in PUBG mobile 1.5 with the help of the installation process. During the registration period, you will receive an email with a link to enter your information. After entering all the required details, the system will automatically register your player profile and then schedule the year’s first tournament. However, if you forgot to write your player, you can still perform the same task by clicking on the “My Account” icon located at the top right corner of your mobile home screen. You can then access the “My Account” tab and select “TP Settings,” then choose “TP Preferences,” then “ios settings,” then “set link.”

Is it compatible with the older versions of the Android OS? – Yes! The latest PUBG mobile 1.5 release can be used with the older versions of the Android operating system. That’s why it’s good to download the application from the Google play store instead of the third-party application stores such as the ones mentioned above.

Can I set up a static car at the air conveyor facility? – You can do this in the game. When you’re setting up a stationary vehicle, the player has to get inside the car, then turn on the auto-jump feature. After that, they should go to the start and then touch the green button. Following that, the player will need to connect the start icon to start the vehicle’s automatic jump mode.

Is there an option to turn off notifications and sounds for text messages? – Yes! You can easily do that in the new updates of PUBG mobile 1.5. To do that, you need to go to “Settings” > “Settings Utility” > “Notifications.” Following that, you can enable or disable the” Kikai” and” Kikaku” text messaging notifications.

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