Wreckfest Review – A Wreckfest Racing Game With Lots of Potential

Wreckfest is an up-and-coming car racing game on the Nintendo Switch. Launched two years ago for PC and subsequently added to the Wii’s download service, Wreckfest is a chaotic, stylish racer smashed onto Nintendo Switch. If All-Stars did not fill your destructive desires, Wreckfest could plug that gap, delivering everything you expect from a Car Racing game on a portable platform. One of the most noticeable differences between the Wii and Switch versions is that the portability factor of the Switch, in addition to its weight, makes it far easier to play Wreckfest than the original release was quite heavy.

If you were under the impression that Wreckfest on the Wii was a scaled-down version of the full-sized game, you would be mistaken. The Wii version lacks the detail and authenticity found in the remakes, but it is far from having the same fun feel as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. The car customization is subtle, and the physics are realistic, although admittedly a little underwhelming at times. This is offset by the fact that the cars and trucks feel powerful once you corner them and start unleashing their guts. Destruction is all about the collisions you suffer from other cars and trucks, and this mode of play is excellent for showing off some of the car customizations or simply creating some wild road rage.

Unlike the PS4 and Xbox 360 versions, the Wii version supports single-player racing (with the split-screen if you so wish). This is a huge bummer, considering the competitive nature of a lot of Wii owners. Thankfully, there are online competitions where players pit their cars against each other to see who wins. It is possible to race against the computer, which is a nice feature. This takes the best driver and puts them up against some of the best competition.

Another significant aspect of the online version of Wreckfest is the ability to race other drivers from all over the world. You have the option to run on tracks created by the developer or just create your own. Both types of channels are available and provide an enjoyable experience with many different vehicles and customization options. These include the popular Ford Focus and Dodge Challenger, as well as Nissan Skyline and Acura RL.

One of the best features of Wreckfest is the Destruction Derby. Players can choose from a wide selection of trucks and vehicles, though they start with one car. Once they earn credits by racing their cars, they can purchase/rent additional vehicles to expand their garage. It’s pretty much impossible to go longer without buying a new car in the Destruction Derby. The best part is that you are racing against the clock to be the first player to total all the vehicles and the fastest individual for their crew.

To win the destruction derby game, you must be careful. If you don’t pay attention to detail or run into any trouble, you could quickly lose out on credits. To make sure you do not lose out, the developers have added in a damaged system. If you injure one of your vehicles with the damage system, a small line will be drawn down the vehicle. Other players can also view this on your screen and can try to beat you to the finish. For cars that are already damaged, though, you will only see a red line drawn across it.

Another feature of Wreckfest that is unique to the gaming community is the inclusion of other player stats. All gamers can see exactly how accurate and speedy you are, in addition to the details of other players in the games Ruin Derby and Wreckfest. This helps add to the competitiveness of the gameplay and keeps people playing the games for more extended periods. There are also forums available where players can discuss specific game topics, including the specifics of the combat system and how the credits you earn in the destruction derby are used in the actual game.

If you are looking for a fun new online racing game that has solid graphics and solid gameplay, then you might want to check out Wreckfest. The combat system is different from other games, with bullets being launched at your car and the destruction derby part of the career mode. The graphics and sound add a unique touch to the game that other similar games don’t offer. If you like the pictures but are more interested in the gameplay, you should first try out the Career mode. You can find more information on Wreckfest by visiting the Wreckfest review website.

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